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Pang's Passion

In 2008 Pang began volunteering at Hmong American Women Association that included HAWA’s Mural and their Back to school event. 

From 2015 to 2016 amongst 100,000 entries from around the world, Pang was a finalist at the BehindtheChair International Hair Show. Pang continued volunteering from 2017-2018 at the Walker’s Point Art Center. After the high demands & the financial concerns that her clientele shared with her, Pang opened her Lash and Brow Academy in 2017. After the success of the academy, came the clients who wanted to bring their children to shadow and have talks with Pang, she went on to start the Project Hope program. The mission of Project Hope is to improve the quality of life and strengthening our community by empowering the youth in our community with self-development tools, guidance and support to strive for better, brighter futures. Project Hope's unique workshops and programs provide a safe place, skill development and self esteem building that lead to better life choices and an opportunity to realize their full potential.

  • Educating & Mentorship

    In 2018, Pang’s hair salon, Style and Grace launched her Barber & Cosmetology apprenticeship program. In 2019, Pang created and launched her Permanent Make Up  Internship program at her lash and brow academy, Crystal Eyes Lash & Brow Studio and Academy.  In 2019, Pang was awarded the Emerging Small Business Award from the Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce. It was there after her acceptance speech that she was then asked to be the Speaker at Marketplace Governor’s luncheon 2019 and was apart of the discussion panel at Milwaukee’s Start Up Week 2019 with Malamado on, “The Success of Women of Color Business Growth.” Following her passion in working with the community and strengthening her business growth Pang attended the 2019 Global National Achievers Congress by Success Resource in Dubai 2019. Where she met her now sales mentor; Grant Cardone, Sandy Jadeja, chief market strategist for MasterTradingStrategies.com, a leading education company for stock trading, CFDs, and foreign exchange, and where she was apart of the angel investor, Gary Vaynerchuk Dubai Interview that can be seen on his 2.5M subscriber youtube channel. 

  • We all have a story. 

    We must positively exercise our childrens creative minds. With a combination of creativity and fearless perseverance within our dna, we are able to reach beyond what our parents, and our ancestors has set in us to achieve. Listen not just with our ears and eyes, but with our hearts. To those moments when you feel defeated, I want you to know that i see you, and i see that youre tired, and thats ok, youre not alone, dont let your obstacles deter you from your purpose. I dare you to find your purpose, pursue it relentlessly and passtionatly. Have faith when times get tough. The power of your faith will outnumber your fears. Remember that whoever you pray to, whether that’s God or your ancestors, that they are not a genie. You have to put in work. Even though you feel like you are trying, try even harder. God is the teacher, life is the lesson, you are the student, and class is in session. Best of wishes to your journey. 

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    Our services for lashes ranges from Classic, Hybrid, Russian, and more!

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    Our services for brows include powder brows, combo brows, and microblading.

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    Our services for PMU includes Brows, Eyeliner and Lip Blush!

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