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Teeth Whitening Online Training Includes Digital Manual* with KIT

Teeth Whitening Online Training Includes Digital Manual* with KIT

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Teeth Whitening & Gem Application Online Training Bundle

Go at your pace. Normally $650. Includes Complete Kit with Online Class

This Purchase Includes;

  • 365 Day Social Media Content Calendar with 26 Content Creating Prompts on 4 Different Platforms Spread Sheet
  • 30 Day Affirmation Calendar
  • 10 Ways to Improve Content E book
  • Teeth Whitening Brochure
  • Teeth Whitening Aftercare PDF
  • Our CEO Workbook
  • This is a workbook where you want to use it to help you create your business plan for fundings and business operations.

    Table of Contents

    • New Business Checklist
    • Mindset Goal Settings
    • Inspirational Prompts
    • Budget Formula
    • Branding Business Plan
    • Social Media Profile Checklist
    • Dream Client Profile
    • Target Audience
    • Your Products & Services
    • Pricing Diagram
    • Product Pricing
    • Monthly/Daily Sales Planner
    • Marketing Funnel
    • Content Calendar
    • Tax Deductions
    • Must Have Business Resources

      Teeth Whitening Manual
      Table of Contents
      • The History of Teeth Whitening
      • Related Anatomy
      • Teeth Whitening Options
      • Teeth Whitening Introduction
      • How Teeth Whitening Works
      • Choosing the right Gels & Safety
      • Teeth Whitening Risks
      • Side Effects
      • Consultations & Record Keeping
      • Hygiene, Health, and Safety
      • The Treatment
      • After Care
      • Notes
      • Insurance
      • Appendice
      Online Class Outline:
      • Is A Teeth Whitening Business Legal?
      • Introduction
      • Teeth Anatomy
      • The Color & Cause of Teeth Discoloration
      • Understanding the Ingredients
      • The Procedure
      • Cause of Stained Teeth
      • How White Can We Go?
      • Risks
      • Ethics and Standards
      • Aftercare
      • Gem Application
    • Complete Kit with vendors list to replenish your inventory;
      • 5 Remineralizing and Desensitizing Teeth, Strengthening Teeth Enamel, 3ML Pack
      • 5 Teeth Whitening Gels 3ML Pack
      • 1 Teeth Whitening Scale
      • 10 Dental Bibs
      • 2 Dental Bib Clamps
      • 25 Lip Applicators
      • 5 Cheek Retractors
      • 10 Vit E oil Swabs
      • 1 Table Top Portable LED Lamp 
      • 1 Complete Gem Kit  
      • 1 False Tooth for Practice

        You do NOT need to be a dentist, hygienist or cosmetologist to take this course.

        Teeth whitening has emerged as one of the most demanded cosmetic procedures and it yields a generous revenue. Add this treatment to your services to scale your business or open a successful Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment Spa.

        Class is for:

        • Those in the beauty industry
        • Lash Artists
        • Brow Artist
        • Cosmos and Aesthetics
        • Nail Techs
        • Spa Owners
        • Those who want to scale their business
        • Dental Students
        • Dental Assistance that wants to launch their own business

        What you will learn:

        • Properly provide a Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment in a Safe and Sanitary manner
        • How to Brand and Price your new Service
        • How to make effective client appointments
        • Access to a list of equipment and supplies
        • Downloadable PDF Forms
        • Certificate of Completion

        This business opportunity is truly rare and profitable requiring a very minimal investment. Performing only 4 treatments each day makes more than $80,000 dollars gross profit a year. It takes a technician about 20 minutes to perform each treatment. Average cost of service: $100-$200

        Duration of results: 6-12 months approx.

        Average treatment time: 60 minutes 

        🚫 No Needle 🚫 No Dentist 🚫 No Pain!

        • Whitening VS Bleaching
        • What Causes Tooth Staining?
        • How Does Teeth Whitening Work?
        • How White Can You Go?
        • Teeth Whitening Risks & Sensitivities Who Shouldn’t Have Teeth Whitening?
        • Hygiene and Safety
        • Understanding the teeth shade guide
        • Teeth Whitening Procedure
        • After Whitening Care
        • Client Consent Form
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